The remodelling effect on selling your home


Whether you are keeping your home or looking to sell it remodelling, renovating and doing it up can add value to your home. Get your home remodel Escondido

Little things like painting, hanging pictures, wallpapering and tiling can be done by yourself with some basic tools and how to books or videos. However if you want to add real value to your home you’ll need to bring in the professionals. It is amazing the years of ware and tear you take off your home with remodelling improvements.There are a lot of different levels and standards that can vary hugely in time, effort, price and the level of expertise needed to complete the job.

There are thing to watch out for though, cowboy builders are everywhere as a family in Escondido discovered the hard way. They paid $20,000 for a job that has never been completed. They are now having to pay the same again to have what was done, wrongly fixed and what was originally desired done.


These are our top tips on how to avoid a cowboy builder; Check if they on an official site, have a licence and check if they work for the company they say they are employed by.

A cowboy builder will often give a very cheap estimate or quote on a very quick look round and and never willing to the quote in writing. They won’t do a signed contract and contact information is hard to get from them, if you can get any at all. The most tell tell signs however is asking for money upfront, only accepting payments in cash and never offering any form of a receipt. The last key sign of a cowboy builder is booking working hours or slots with you and not showing.

So if you are planning a wonderful, value building remodelling of your home be sure to use the professionals. You get what you pay for.